Monday, April 13, 2009


Hey Guys, sorry I haven't been updating this shit. I've been busy growing my beard, grabbing people by the face and stealing their souls, writing my books ("A Pike: Your Head Will Be On One - Tha Chronicles of Tha Murkers," and "The Enormous Life of Frank Murda,") and hanging out with MY DOG. HOLLER.

Anyways, I've got big plans of Jupiter's Ghosts, and hopefully at this point living my bad ass life will allow enough time for me to give you guys a little peak into it every couple days via updates.

Some shit that I've been enjoying as of late.

Spike TV's The Deadliest Warrior. While I've got my qualms with the show, it's still pretty dope. I may have to breakdown each episode on here for you guys.

Assassin's Quest. My homeboy Fitz Chivalry is a motherfucking G.

Bubblegum Populace 3. This Tha Dope. Bubblegum Populace 3 is an underground mixtape series hosted by Lendo Duggan that features dozens of dope underground rap artists and groups and this third installment included offerings from Apathy, Louis Logic, Celph Titled, Okwerdz, Tragic Allies, Skyzoo, Cormega, Blame-One, and Rhymefest. Not to mention, yours truly. I've got two tracks that made the mixtape and am pretty pumped to be featured on a tracklist that includes such dope heads. This shits available for free download at definetly check that out.

Some stuff that's been pissing me off lately.

The Vikings lack of quarterback pursuing. I mean sure, they've gotten their hands on Sage Rosenfels, but he's still a backup. There were two MONSTRA QB's that were dealt this off season, that the Vike's should've been gunning for. Matt Cassel went for a 2nd round draft pick. WTF. Let's get this done. The Vike's are one, (albeit a very large) piece away from a Superbowl Championship. GET EM.

Your mom. Tell her that It was a drunken mistake and I'm not answering her calls for a reason. She needs to get her GWAP up fucking with a boss, I can't be dealing with those TV dinners. HOLLER BACK.

I don't know man i'm just pretty pissed all the time so it's difficult to really put into words what makes it happen because it's pretty much "all."

shut the fuck up.


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