Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In MADEIRA BEACH, FLORIDA, a local man was arrested for pretending to drown, and throwing jellyfish at people. Either this guy is the number one prankster of all time, or he is a supervillain: Aquaman's evil nemisis HYRDOGUY who doesn't get help from sea creatures, he uses them as weapons. Either way, he's an ispiration.

i'm gonna start taking a page out of this guys book and use great white sharks as fucking swords. yeah, the typical thought would be swordfish but who's gonna win in a great white shark sword vs. swordfish sword duel. me and my sword made out of a shark, thats who. i'd probably name my sword JAWSSY JAWSBORNE and have a second weapon made out of a giant LOBSTA named BLACK CRAB-BATH. man this guys is onto something.

It reminds me of the tribes in the amazon who use poison from dart frogs on their arrow heads to make their weapons poisonous. This guy was just out here trying to help us come up with new weapons technologies to employ in the war on terror. this guy isn't a criminal, he's an american patriot.