Tuesday, April 21, 2009


is that even a word? fragility? yeah i'm sure it is and if it's not, it is now. well i was pretty astonished while peeping out the news today to see these two stories about people and their ability to take damage. So this chick in Mississippi gets shot in the head, survives, and gives the police officer who came to the house following the attempted murder tea. Seriously. Her husband, who had been given a restraining order barged into her crib, shot her in the head, went to the back yard and shot himself in the face and died. The bullet passed through the 47 year old lady's brain but caused no significant damage. When the police arrived she had a napkin held to her head and offered them tea. Wow.

Meanwhile, some young kid in New Mexico got killed in a co-ed softball game, when a softball hit him in the neck. It wasn't even off of the bat, somebody tried to throw him out at home, he got hit in the neck, and died.

I really think that my homie THA GRIM REAPER is fucking up. Maybe we've got the old switcheroo going on, mixed up order forms. This can't be right.

Maybe these guys are the real life inspirations for the M. NIGHT SHAYMALAN flick "UNBREAKABLE."

Oh but it turned out that HE WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME and the softball really wasn't a softball it was an alien that didn't like water but liked plants so was like 'hmhmhmhmmh' and the husband thought it was 1739, where it was perfectly fine to shoot your wife as long as you dressed up like a pig first.

did i lose you yet?


"Those who new Alberto say that he died right in the place he lived for." I don't know man. I'm not usually the type of guy to talk shit aobut a dead person but why the fuck did he live for co-ed softball? That's like saying 'oh man it's cool that billy got killed while walking to the mailbox, cuz he lived for mail. oh man it's all right that sally died while reading that book because she sure loved reading books." You don't live for fucking co-ed softball, it's a recreational activity and it doesn't make his death any less tragic or romantic or whatever the fuck else you're trying to make it seem like. What a whack ass spin. If this kid was playing in a charity softball for neck injury patients and this happened, that'd be a fucking story to write about. On another note, we need to get whoever threw that ball onto the TWINS roster ASAP. we're HURTING.

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